The gi wash

Posted: April 9, 2012 in Aikido, Diary
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laundrette (Photo credit: indy138)

Yesterday I found my old jitsu and judo gi in the attic. I also found a couple of belts too.  Upon inspection it was clear that despite being washed before being placed on a holdall in a bin liner, some sort of event had transpired resulting in a brown stain on both jackets.
I had to go out all day today so I persuaded my wife to was them. I recall at university that about 4 of us would get together for a gi wash at the campus laundrette. Drying them was always an issue and I recall one uke (training partner) at a grading being thrown out after the examiner discovered his gi was still soaking wet!
The general advice with washing them was never to use bleach, hang them to dry and look out for shrinkage.  Thinking back,  to university days, we always used bleach to get stains out. They ranged from grass stains from training outside, to the badges of honour. These were the blood  stains you couldn’t quite get out generally from a missed block. When questioned though, it was always claimed they were the result of someone else!

Just need them to dry now and find a class to attend!


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