The first class – ikkyo / the first teaching

Posted: April 12, 2012 in Aikido, Diary
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Aikido III

Aikido (Photo credit: crypto)

First things first,  I had a great time!

I just turned out my newly laundered gi and drove to the dojo. In this case it was a community hall which was on darkness when I got there.  I checked the address on the club website on metal phone and found that I was in the wrong place! I managed to find the right hall and immediately received a warm welcome by the treasurer and secretary.  I filled out a form and found out that the first session was free.  After getting changed we bowed on and stated the warm up.  This was a bit weird.  It consisted of breathing exercises and stretching. I will find out more about this…

The techniques we did were:

I had done these before,  but my execution of them was rusty at best. As I said,  I really enjoyed the class and we adjourned to the pub for rehydration and further discussion.


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