The second class – ura or omote

Posted: April 13, 2012 in Aikido, Diary
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Well, the club trains on Tuesday and Friday so I thought I would keep the momentum going and try to make today’s class.  They also advertised a course for Saturday too. I have just managed to get a baby sitter for the kids so it looks like I can go to that too.

Tonight we did the usual warm up routine after bowing on.

irimi tenkan

irimi tenkan (Photo credit: tobstone)

Tonight we started with basic “tenkan ” movement in response to a wrist grab (katate dori – I think).  I had done this before but it never felt right.  It looks like the main principle is to hold your hand next to your centre. You can then turn and the attacker has no option but to follow your turn,  except to let go. The turn puts the uke off-balance and allows you to “take his axis”.

I found a video on the web that demonstrates this exercise, although it appeared more effective when you keep your hand closer to your “centre”.

Sumi Otoshi

We turned the tenkan motion into a technique called Sumi Otoshi (corner drop). I was familiar with the kodokan judo form, but the Aikido method is different. After performing tenkan,  you continue to turn until uke is off balance you can them open your stance, breaking his axis to the side. This creates the room you need to drop him by stepping away.

Again, I found a video on the web to use as an aide memoir for this one. It demonstrates Omote first, then Ura.

Kote Gaesh

This is another lock I am familiar with.  After tenkan, you can apply kote gaesh and turn outwards to force the attacker down. We weren’t expected to dive out “over the belt” for this one.

We did a variation of this technique from a punch (Tsuki).

We applied an immobilization once on the mat.

Ura versus Omote

Ura is executed behind,  while Omote is executed in front.  Ura is used when you are being attacked;  Omote,

Aikido ikkyo omote ura

Aikido ikkyo omote ura (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

when you pre-empt an attack. I need to understand this more,  it looks like a distance thing.

Main principles :

  • Centre
  • Straight back
  • Weight underside
  • Tenkan
  • Ura
  • Omote

This is getting addictive.  Paid up for membership and the course fee tonight!


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