Now for something completley different – Hanmi Handachi

Posted: April 20, 2012 in Aikido, Diary
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Hanmi-hantachi waza

Hanmi-handachi waza (Photo credit: Sigurd R)

We started out with the usual warm up and did extra shikko practice. Sensei explained a bit more about the warm up being part of the Misogi. The Shikko was to become important as we did something completely new to me  Hanmi Handachi. This means that Uke is sitting in seiza and is attacked by tori who is standing.

We began by doing the normal tai no henka standing, then applied it to the Hanmi Handachi situation. Tori needs to sweep around to uke’s side while keeping balance on his knees and tenkan while bringing his wrist to his centre to break uke’s axis. When I got this right it was like uke was going to fall on top of me!

We turned the movement into Ikkyo and I learnt more about the immobilisation pin:

  • Straighten arm
  • Angle at 45 degrees (above uku’s shoulder)
  • Roll arm forward to fully expose elbow joint
  • Knee close into uke’s arm pit
  • Pin wrist and wrist side of elbow joint
  • Move away by turning and backing away from uke’s outstretched wrist

We then moved on to Nikyo and Shionage, both from Hanmi Handachi.


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