Bokken with Tsuba and Jo Staff

Bokken with Tsuba and Jo Staff

Today, I bought a Bokken and a Jo Staff. I used to be the weapons officer at the Jitsu club, but never personally owned a set of weapons except a Tonfa (or nightstick). The tonfa is mainly associated with Karate (which I had never studied), however a friend of mine who was a police officer bought a set when the Metropolitan Police introduced the side handled baton. He didn’t need two, so we split the cost and the set of tonfa.

The bokken came with two tsuba of which only the rubber one fits. I don’t recall having trained with a tsuba fitted before, but it was annoying when we had to carry the bokken in the belt and it used to slip out. The tsuba should stop this. I recall that we did the 31 step Jo Kata in Jitsu once or twice. I’ll practice this and a bokken kata to get used to handling them.

I was a bit surprised that aikido had a weapons handling focus, but as it was explained to me, lots of the movements are taken from samurai cutting movements. Applying techniques like shionage and yonkyo all replicate cutting moves and even actual sword grips on uke’s arm.


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