Posted: April 26, 2012 in Aikido
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Deutsch: Mae maware Ukemi, Vorwärtsrolle Judo

Deutsch: Mae maware Ukemi, Vorwärtsrolle Judo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yesterday night was a vigorous warm up, after which we did several ukemi exercises.

  1. Forward Roll
  2. Backward Roll
  3. Forward Roll into a backward roll
  4. Projected forward roll – get as much distance and height as possible

I had always been pretty good at rolling, especially the “projected” rolls. I have been doing them since I started Judo. They have saved me from some injuries both on and off the mat. During the projection rolls, I try to visualise water being poured. This appears to fit with the use of projected ki energy. I just didn’t realise it.

In Judo they are called zenpo kaiten ukemi, I don’t recall the jitsu name – probably the same. I think they are just called zenpo ukemi in Aikido. I came across this video of a projected forward roll on you tube. This was a common occurrence at my Judo and Jitsu clubs except that we didn’t use pads – we lined up people! Possibly not allowed these days due to health and safety!

The rest of the session consisted of tai no henka and detailed work on controls – Nikyo and Yonkyo .

I ache a bit today. First projected roll in 15 years. Felt great at the time!


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