Tonight after the warm up and shikko, we did some iriminage practice. This consisted of Ura and Omote variants. Ura is used when the uke’s attack was under way and Omote used when his attack as not yet developed.  After a successful Ura technique, the Omote version is used as soon as the attacker was getting up. After this, we divided into two groups.  I was in a group of novices.  We practised basic techniques for grading.  These were ikkyo, kote gashe, and iriminage. We did these from katate dori, where the backs of the hands are touching. We also practiced from a shomen uchi or sword hand attack. A good session,  but I was aching afterwards especially my right hip.  Not sure why. I felt that some things like iriminage are starting to come together. I hope this continues.


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