Kaitenage and Tantodori

Posted: May 14, 2012 in Aikido, Diary
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I managed (against all odds) to get to a session tonight.


Kaitenage (Photo credit: Germaine)

It was great. Things went really well and I learnt some new techniques as well as feeling that I am making progress on some of the basics.  All the techniques this session were from a “tsuki” to the mid-secton. We started with positive and negative versions of ikkyo, moving on past the full application to kaitenage.  This was new to me, but once I got my head around the projection method and the direction my arms had to go to simultaneously control the head and wrist, it went pretty well.

The class was small and this meant I got more time to practice as well as mat space.  From this we went on to some tanto work.  Again this was from a tsuki attack t the mid-section. We did a number of variations of kote gaeshi and shihonage some other (nameless) disarming techniques. I was also educated on the proper tanto etiquette. I felt a progressed a lot tonight. It kind of made up for my last session.


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