Ushiro waza

Posted: May 29, 2012 in Aikido, Diary
English: Aikido ushiro waza

Aikido ushiro waza (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I missed a few Aikido sessions due to working out of the country. I returned to a class where the main focus was ushiro waza. Ushiro is “to the rear” in Japanese as I recall from judo and jitsu (e.g.: Ushiro Ukemi). However this knowledge proved useless in deciphering what was going on! The class followed form a session I had missed and I needed to catch up.

As usual, the Shodan grades were very helpful and patient. The main attack was a grab of both wrists from the rear. I had done a kotai version of this where the wrist grab is applied and then you escape. I had also done a variation of a one wrist pin and one arm strangle. The jutai version was a bit more difficult to grasp.

The technique involved offering one hand to a moving assailant, stepping of the line, performing a tenkan in a narrow stance before performing ikkyo. This was similar in some ways to a previous version of shihonage. I did actually manage this in the end and the class moved on to a version of sankyo and gokyo. The key is to position for ikkyo first before moving on to the other locks.

Due to more travels abroad, that’s it for the next couple of weeks as far as Aikido is concerned. Looking forward to a recreational break though!

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