It’s coming together

Posted: July 12, 2012 in Aikido, Diary
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Last session we did a run through off all the techniques required for grading. On paper it looks like a small list – 7 techniques. However, each one is done first in “Ura” form, then twice in “Omote” form as the attacker is getting up from the attack. About half of the techniques are to be performed “Omote” style from Kotai posture. Then I found out that there are two Omote variants (inside and outside) we need to show too!

A month or so ago my brain would have fried trying to take it all in, but the run through went really well and I am beginning to understand things better. We have some really patient Sensei and senior grades. Their enthusiasm and dedication to helping myself and others is paying off. I hope the grading goes as well as the dry run!

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