No longer a beginner

Posted: July 17, 2012 in Aikido
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The first session back after grading was a good one. After bowing on, sensei made some nice remarks about the grading and how we all now had a place in the dojo.

Katadori throw

Katadori (Shoulder Grab) (Photo credit: foliosus)

We always start with shikko and tai-no-henka. This time in gyaku hanmai. We always do tai-no-henka with a projection rather than just moving into position. I was called up as an uke for the first time in front of the class due to my height as sensei wanted to demonstrate the projection technique where there is a height difference.

We then progressed into a new attack for for me – katadori. The leading hand grabs the shoulder and the following hand strikes at the face. We did omote and ura forms of ikkyo from this attack, moving on to nikkyo, sankyo and yonkyo all in tachiwaza.

Afterwards we did the same exercises in suwariwaza and handachi waza. Again, I was selected as uke for some demonstrations of handachi waza.

Lots of new stuff here and the suwariwaza and handachiwaza add further dimensions. I did take home some aches and pains after this one – hips, thighs and of course, the yonkyo point on the inner wrist!


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