I was talked into a judo session tonight by a work colleague.  I managed to get home,  change and eat a quick meal before heading out to the dojo.  I got a great welcome and bowed on with my old grade of 3rd kyu.

I have not done any judo for 15 years – the Jujitsu club I was in entered some competitions. They had some extra

"nage no kata"form uchimata

“uchi-mata “(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

valid techniques like wristlocks, but stopped short of the leg-locks, head-locks and atemi that was normal practice. The last time I did what I would call “pure”  judo was more like 20 years ago.

The session was a great workout – I was absolutely knackered about half way through the warm-up. We did a fair bit of ukemi practice, then on to some nagewaza. We did lots of randori with a focus on sasae-tsuri-comi-ashi, uchi-mata and o-soto-gari. We also did some ground work (newaza).

It brought back lots of memories and I didn’t do too badly. I always did better on the newaza.

I enjoyed the session, but I think I’ll be aching tomorrow!


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