Happo Giri and Kokyu Rokyu

Posted: July 20, 2012 in Aikido, Diary
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Tonight after the usual kick off, we did some more work on the kata-dori attack. This time using kaiten-nage (rotary throw) and kokyu nage (breath throw). Just to make it more interesting it was done in handachi too! As usual we did omote and ura variations. I found this fairly difficult, but did manage to get my breathing synchronised with the blending by the end. I think this was the main focus – developing breath power (kokyu rokyu)

We also did some bokken work – Happo Giri (Cutting in 8 Directions). We have done Happo Undo several times and I never seem to able to keep up. I was always facing the wrong way to everyone else or cutting on the wrong foot or in the wrong kamae.

Again, I think I had got the salient parts after several attempts. I will try to do some solo practice on this one!

  1. RayDvD says:

    Aikido is an amazing art

  2. […] Happo Giri and Kokyu Rokyu […]

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