Posted: July 31, 2012 in Aikido, Diary
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From the normal Tai no henka exercises we progressed onto Shomen uchi (cut down the centre of the head)  iriminage and shihonage. We did Omote and Ura variants for both . Afterwards we discussed the use of Tenkan as a concept during Ura techniques and that it should be done with an inward breath. Omote variants are done with an outward breath.

The next exercises were done from a yokomen uchi attack. This is a cut to the side of the head and in the Ura form, the tenkan is a backwards sliding step. We then did iriminage and shihonage – Omote and Ura.

To supplement the Taijitsu, we have started doing more Aki-Ken and Aki-Jo work to assist with footwork and movement.




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