More Aki-Jo and Aki-Ken

Posted: August 3, 2012 in Aikido, Diary
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We started the class with a version of tai no henka where from ai hanmi katate dori (same stance, wrist grab), we moved forward (Irimi), atemi to the face, Tenkan and projected with the seized left hand. From thsi basic movement, we went on to the same movement with Uke armed with a bokken.  We took the bokken’s hilt and projected uke back in the same manner. We were told to concentrate on breathing correctly – inward breath to absorb the attack and an outward breath during the projection.

We then moved on to some Aki-Jo work, learning the first parts of the Jo Kata.  This was done in a similar way to the Happo Giri, in that it involves a Tsuki and a Shomen cut in the same eight directions – in the same order, I think. The footwork is similar too. Totally new was the guarding stance used between the Tsuki (Thrust) and the Shomen (Cut).



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