Aikido Retreat 2012

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Just returned from an intensive Aikido course over a day and a half.  Really enjoyed it but it was quite hard work and I came back with a few aches and pains.

The first day consisted of lots of aki-jo work. The second day’s theme was taijitsu, but included some exercises with Jo and Bokken. We also did some tantodori too.

Day 1 – Aki-Jo

Defence against the Jo (Jo Dori):

  • Shihonage
  • Ikkyo
  • Nikkyo as a Jo Taking technique and as a way of defending against having a jo taken.
  • Juji Nage

We then practised the Happo Tsuki (Like Happo Giri and Happo Undo except with a Jo). The directions are in the same order as usual, at each direction:

  • Chudan Tsuki
  • Jodan Gamae
  • Shomen Uchi

Before a 2nd Kyu grading, we practised the 13 Count Jo.

The grading was good to watch and the student did well being awarded 2nd Kyu. Afterwards we practised Handachi Waza:

  • Shihonage
  • Tenchinage (with a strike to the back of the knee for the “earth” hand)
  • Soto Kaitenage

The next practice involved randori kokyu nage with the Jo and Taijitsu.
The session then livened up with 3 attackers to one defender!

The 1st day went really well I enjoyed loads.

Day 2: Taijitsu

The day started with the warm up and Tai No Henka Ryotedori, flowing straight into Ryotedori kokyu nage.

We then did some bokken and Jo defences followed by another tai no kenka exercise, this time from a Kubi Shimi (choke with one arm pinned) attack:



We did some Tanto Dori including some techniques I have done before in JuJitsu:

Kote gaeshi

Waki Gatame

gyaku kansetsu gan men kime, a headlock with a version of waki gatame for the disarm.


And lots of other stuff that I can’t remember. A very good experience, but really tired afterwards.


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