Legoland Windsor

Posted: August 26, 2012 in Diary
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I have always wanted to visit Legoland since I was little. Back then you had to go to Denmark and on my many trips through Bilund airport, I still have not managed to go. Anyway – with the help of Tesco Clubcard vouchers, we have just returned from a trip to Legoland Windsor.

I booked the Holiday Inn at Slough for Friday night as we had a fair distance to travel and wanted to make an early start. We left home later than expected, but made good time, getting to the hotel at about 1600. The view from our 7th floor window was good and included Windsor Castle, although he kids couldn’t quite see the Queen waving!

That night, we went into Windsor for a walk and something to eat. The evening started very pleasant – quite warm in fact. After eating at Bella Pasta in Thames street, we walked over the old bridge into Eton and along the high street. About half way up , the heavens opened up and we rushed back over the bridge to the car.  We arrived back at the hotel and settled down for a comfortable night.

Breakfast was available from 0700, but we planned to eat at 0800. When we arrived at breakfast and hour later, we found a buffet with good selections of cereal, fruit and the obligatory full English. After filling up to minimise expenditure and time spent eating in the park we checked out, fighting through throng of G4S security guards getting ready for duty at Dorney Lakes.

After navigating through the outskirts of Windsor with the aid of phone based sat-nav, we arrived at Legoland. We parked up and re-organised the kit into two rucksacks.We planned to carry one and drop the other (containing kids wellies, waterproof trousers and the like) in a locker. Walking from the car, I noticed that it was going to cost extra  to park the car – how ridiculous! It’s not like you would park here to go shopping is it! We arrived at the kiosk and used the vouchers with no issues and paid the car parking fee of £2. – I suppose its all about “price presentation”.

We headed for the back of the park – as advised by the Unofficial Guide to Legoland Windsor, stowed the we weather kit in the locker (which cost £1 every time you close it), and headed for Atlantis. On the way we passed the Q-BOT booth and my wife decided to rent one. This really did help us get around more rides, although sometimes it was the focus of the action. To minimise wait time, the pressure was on to book another ride as soon as the ride attendant had “zapped our BOT” so to speak!

Atlantis was great fun and we enjoyed the short ride “underwater” in the “sub”. The attention to detail in all the logo models is outstanding and we were always finding new things to look at around the park – not just in the excellent model villages of mini-land.

The kids enjoyed the driving school most of all and both got their souvenir driving licenses. We didn’t get chance to go through boating school, but graduated from the fire-fighting academy bottom of the class – I did had to power the truck all by myself!

We made it through to about 1500 before the storms hit. Thunder and Lightening close Chopper Squadron just as Q-BOT buzzed to let us know it was time to go on.A quick dash to the lockers, change into “wets” and then headed up further into Duploland to have a go at the crazy golf. The storm was soon over and the park rides reopened after about half an hour.

When the rain started again, we headed up to the theatre and the imagination centre for some indoor activities.I especially like the destructive testing lab for Lego towers. We finished the day on the Viking River getting very wet, but really enjoyed it.

We stopped off at a pub on the way home which served a nice pint of Fullers ESB, but the food was less than adequate for the high cost. We arrived back home exhausted with many happy memories of a great family trip.


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