Core Stability #6

Posted: October 1, 2012 in Activities, Aikido, Diary
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I am really noticing positive changes due to this type of training. My posture is generally better, I can run without a jarring sensation in my back, shikko (knee walking) has improved – although still uncomfortable after a couple of mat circuits. Posture in seiza is much better and I have more “inner” strength when doing kokyu-ho in that position.

The recent kayak and canoe adventure has probably benefited too – I could maintain a better forward posture and felt it fairly easy to use core strength during paddling. My hip flexors were aching badly at the end of the session. I think this is from poor back support and gripping the cock-pit of the canoe too much with my thighs.

The core training also helped get me started with the other exercises I have done this week such as press-ups and sit-ups. Thinking about it – if you can’t hold a plank position for a minute, then doing a minute of press-ups is going to be impossible!


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