BCU Paddlesport 1 star – Session 3

Posted: October 16, 2012 in Diary, Paddlesport
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Back on the reservoir,  this time in kayaks. We practised all the elements required for the test next weekend. This was done by doing a circuit course:
1. Paddle forward the width of the reservoir
2. Draw stroke to the right about 10 meters
3. Paddle backwards the width of the reservoir
4. Draw stroke left 10 meters to the point of origin.

I ended up drifting in circles during the backwards paddle. After some coaching from the instructors, I discovered the faults were:  not holding the paddle in the centre,  uneven stroke depths and uneven power.  I was also told I was edging (or leaning the kayak ) to one side.  After this I began to improve. It’s a good job we only have to do 5 meters for the test!

Just before taking a break, one of our part capsized. He recovered his boat and swam to the shore.  While emptying his boat, he discovered a small frog had stowed away in the cockpit.

After the break we continued to practice and were introduced to the “bow rudder”. This is not required for our test but it was interesting to see how you can rotate the boat quickly like swing around a lamp post. More practice will be required to perfect tis though!

Another fun and diverting day! Looking forward to the next session and the test.


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