BCU Paddlesport 1 star – Session 4

Posted: October 20, 2012 in Activities, Diary
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This was assessment week.  First we did some last minute practice before taking tge tests. One of my fellow students had opted to take the test in an open canoe, one in a “sit on top”, while the rest of us used kayaks. The canoe test requires the skills to be performed by a pair working in tandem.  I offered to help out during the last minute practice, and another student helped out during the exam.

We demonstrated individual skills like forwards and backwards paddling, draw and sweep strokes.  We did a figure of eight course where we used sweeps and stern rudder to turn without losing momentum then paddle backwards to a fixed point on the bank. We then had an oral theory test before capsize drills.

We all passed the theory and skills test. But was also had to do a journey to complete the qualification. Although I have done some full day journeys before, I opted to join the course for a Half day trip on the Neath Canal the following week.


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