BCU Paddlesport 1 star – Neath Canal Trip

Posted: October 27, 2012 in Activities, Diary
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The night before the temperature dropped and I woke up to a very cold morning.  Ice had formed in the garden and over the car windscreen.  I was glad that we had done the capsize drills in the previous assessment session! I also made a flask of hot coffee to take along and packed a pair of neoprene fishing gloves that I use for SCUBA diving. As I left, the sun came out, but it still felt very cold.

I arrived a bit late, but soon changed and collected my helmet and PFD from the stores and got on the bus.

We arrived at Resolven Lock and unloaded the trailer. We then had to “portage” the kayaks over the road to put in on the North side.

We then had a brief on signals for communicating which were very similar to those used by infantry soldiers. We were also told to stay away from overhanging trees.

The first section of canal was very narrow and we tried to pass it quickly in case a barge came and we would have to back up.

Several sections were thick with weeds and decaying leaves and plant matter.  These took a bit of effort to find a route through and stank if disturbed too much.

It took about half an hour to reach our turnaround point at Glynneath.

Back at our starting point, we took the boats out and carried them back to the trailer. Then if was back in the bus and home via McDonald’s.

I was sorry that the course ended.  The staff were great and I learned a lot. Hopefully there will be an opportunity to do the 2 Star course in the near future.


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