Posted: November 9, 2012 in Aikido
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After the usual warm up, we did happo giri undo and then Tai no henka. The version of tai no henka we do includes a projection that others call sokumen iriminage or side entry iriminage. We then did sumiotoshi.

We then performed a different type of Tai no henka which from gyaku katate dori involves cutting up with the seized hand and creating a space to duck under ending in irimi. This ducking motion is acompanied by a tenkan once in irimi, and a projection like sokumen iriminage. I have no idea if this has a special name.

From this exercise we moved on to kaitenage. Instead of projecting, you step back and cut down. Control uke’s head by placing your hand on his neck and the chang kami so that uke is on your outside guard. Bring their arm up and use to project in a rotary motion.

Kaitenage is on the 5th kyu test, so it was useful practice.


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