First 5k run

Posted: November 10, 2012 in Diary, Running
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Tackled my first 5k run today and managed to run the whole course in less than 26 minutes.

It was an informal local run that I realised was taking place quite accidentaly only on Friday, so a spur of the moment decision.

I woke on Saturday to find a freezing cold,  wet and foggy morning that was not an immediate invitation to get out of bed, let alone get up early, miss a hearty breakfast and run 5 kilometers.

I pursuaded myself to give it a try and I was soon dressed in running gear and drinking a cup of coffee. I ate a small pastry for breakfast and set off to the course by car.

The course is located in a small area of sunken ground around a lake. I arrived to find that the fog had not lifted and the lake looked like a spooky film set, I half expected Excalibur to be raised from beneath or for a ghost ship to pass by.

I found the start after chatting to another runner. Just before the run stared the fog lifted, and was followed by a sudden downpour of rain. Thankfully this ended after a couple of minutes as I had left my waterproof running jacket in the car.

I set off keeping pace with the main body of runners for the first kilometer. Then the field started to separate out. I estimated that I was at the back of the middle clump of runners at the half way point. That’s about when my shoelace came loose and provided a significant trip hazard to my tired legs. I had to stop and re-tie it (this time in a double knot) with the aid of a small bench as a footrest. I had enough of a distance that no one overtook and I picked up the pace a bit too.

On the home straight I heard someone behind approaching at speed. Thinking my own pace had dropped, I dug deep and sped up again, but was passed by a runner that I didn’t recognize – he wasn’t one of the people who started with us. He veered off on a path away from the finish line and was soon out of sight. It gave me a bit of a boost that allowed me to overtake two more runners and carried me over the finish line.

I felt a real buzz at the end and pleased I had managed to run the whole distance in what I think is a respectable time.

This running thing is a bit of a bug and I will continue!


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