Total Immersion

Posted: November 16, 2012 in Diary, Swimming

Due to my lack of running this week and in response to a colleague’s jibe – “you’ll very signing up for a triathlon next!” – I decided to hit the pool.

I have not swam a serious amount since doing the water confiance test as a trainee diver.  This involved swimming out and back 500m to a buoy armed only with a set of speedos and a strobe marker. We then did some towing and and a snorkel swim.

I had also done the RLSS Bronze Medallion and NPLQ before this.  At school I was regarded as a strong swimmer.  I completed the ASA gold and honours tests with some coaching from my Dad. He taught himself to swim in Milford Haven, one of the world’s largest natural harbours. The only swimming I have done in recent memory was about once or twice a year in holiday leisure pools. 

I made a tentative target to do about 500m or 20x25m pool lengths the first time.  I set 45 minutes as the time target in order to allow rests and a bit of playing – underwater swimming, treading water, etc.

The first session went pretty well,  I did the distance I wanted. Returning home I remembered that a friend had read a book called “Total Immersion” with a view to swimming smarter. I made a stop at the library and began reading…


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