My 2nd 5k

Posted: November 24, 2012 in Diary, Running
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I ran another 5k today. I planned this in last weekend as it looked as though I would be free of family and work commitments. Since the last 5k I have not had time to do much running.  To compensate I had been swimming a couple off times.

An amber weather warning was issued on wedensday and this was upped to an orange warning on Thursday. It certainly has been very wet. I woundered if the run would be cancelled. I didn’t get much sleep on Friday due to one of my kids being ill. I set the alarm and hoped for the best.

I woke up on Saturday morning and looked our of the window. It wasn’t raining but very foggy. I checked the kids a nd they were sound asleep. I got ready and ate half a pan au chocholate eastern down with an obligatory cup of coffee.

I reached the run location early and did some stretching and a few short jogs before heading to the start line. It was bitterly cold. I only had a short sleeve running top and wore a montane featherlite smock over the top. I remembered the shoelace problem I had last time and double knotted them this time.

After setting of, the field separated out over the 1st kilomete like last time. I found myself keeping pace with another runner for the next 3.5km. We overtook 3 or 4 people before my “running mate” accelerated over the last half kilometer leaving me unable to keep up.

I got overtaken just before the finish, but improved on my time by about 1min. How much of this is actual improvement and how much is down to secure shoelaces I can’t very sure. But once again, very happy with the end result.

I ate a banana and drank the rest of my sports drink on the way home through the now torrential rain. A hot cup of tea and beans on toast before jumping in the bath for a soak was a nice end to a cold early start.


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