Katadori menuchi iriminage

Posted: November 27, 2012 in Aikido, Diary
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This session we focused on katadori menuchi iriminage.  This attack is where your shoulder (kata) is seized or “taken” (dori)  and the attacker strikes with an uppercut (menuchi) with the other hand.

Iriminage is performed from this attack by either striking with the hand of the seized shoulder and moving around to the inside irimi spot (omote) or the ura form . Ura is acheived by performing a tenkan on the attackers dead side and doing a standard iriminage as from shomen.

I have a couple of katadori  menuchi based techniques on my next grading, although in suwariwaza so it was a good practice. I think that it’s easy to get too fixated on the menuchi attack.  If you ignore it and concentrate on working with the grab the technique is much easier to work out. By performing the atemi for Omote or the tenkan in ura you have neutralized the attackers strike.


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