MagicISO saves Christmas

Posted: December 25, 2012 in Diary, Technology
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This Christmas, my daughter received a netbook from Santa. She also got a computer game on CD where you can run a theme park. The first problem is that there is no cdrom drive in the netbook to run the cd. No problem as I have an external USB drive that we can use to install the software and after that you shouldn’t need the CD, right?

Wrong! The software is dependant on having the disk because it does not copy all the data accross to save space. Having an external piece of kit attached to the netbook defeats the purpose, so with a bit of digging, I found MagicISO at

The process is quite easy:

1. Install MagicISO
2. Connect portable DVD drive and insert media
3. right click tray icon
4. Select make cd/ DVD image
5. Type in path of save file
6. Right click tray icon and mount as drive letter.

Disk is now available as a mapped drive letter.

I can now add a shortcut to the desktop to run the software as if the CD rom was connected.


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