5th kyu Grading

Posted: January 27, 2013 in Aikido, Diary
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Today was the 5th kyu grading.  Mainly due route the weather, it has been difficlt to attend class recently.  I has to arrange childcare to attend the grading today, and I arrived a little late.

We had a course for the first couple of hours,  then tea and biscuits before the grading. The course covered some Jo dori and also some of the more complicated techniques to be performed during during the gradings.

The grading began with several novices taking the 6th kyu grading. They performed well with only a couple of blank looks in response to the examiner’s instructions.

There were three of us taking 5th kyu, so a 4th kyu candidate was asked to make up the numbers. When I got up to bow to the grading panel, I could not recall the name of a single technique on the syllabus. Luckally,  the grading panel has a list and calls out the techniques to be performed. I managed to recall all the techniques and to perform them without significant errors.

I was pretty knackered by the end and quite glad to relax and watch the other gradings.

At the end I was awarded the grade of 5th kyu, and and gained insight into the requirements for 4th.


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