New Toy: Garmin 310xt

Posted: February 1, 2013 in Running
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I am not an early adapter of technology as illustrated by my new aquisition – a Garmin 310xt. These were launched a couple of years ago, but are still recommended as good, reliable and robust. They are also significantly cheaper than the contemporary models.

I have been using my android phone to track runs, mountain bike rides etc. This has worked really well but I wanted somthing a bit more robust, reliable and waterproof. I was also interested in training with with the heart rate monitor. I was on an FPOS (First Person On Scene) refresher course recently. This includes oxygen therapy, airway management and pulse oximitry. I managed to see off the pulse oximeter alarm with a heart rate of 51bpm.

On the day it arrived I charged it up using the clip on prongs and followed the quick start instructions. The unit comes with a USB travel charger. The set up was easy and I did some initial customization including switching the virtual partner off and the configuring the auto scrolling display.

I was scheduled to do a short cross training session. I chose to do some step aerobics while watching TV. I found the heart monitor wouldn’t work unless I wetted the sensors first. When I started the workout, I found my heartrate jumping up to 130% of maximum and then back to recovery rate.

An internet search on irratic bpm readings found that th’s is a common problem with various systems, not just the Garmin.

I have some ECG / ultrasound gel on order. Hopefully that will solve the problem.


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