Garmin 310xt Heart Rate Monitor Problems Solved!

Posted: February 10, 2013 in Running
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In a previous post, I discussed some problems with my new toy, the Garmin 310xt.

When the ECG gel arrived, it turned out to be an ultrasound gel. This should still work as it is viscous enough to stick, while being capable of conducting electricity.

I tried it on several runs, but the problems persisted. Spikes reaching over 100% at the start and a lack of sensitivity when changing intensity, with further spikes or lows when the unit caught up.

Next I decided to ditch the wicking top I usually use for a standard cotton T-shirt. This returned good results. The spikes are gone and the unit is much more responsive to heart rate changes.

I had been questioning my heart zone calculations, but it turns out that running flat out I acheived 100% on the monitor with accurate recover rates afterwards. This is based on the standard 220-age formula.

I now have better confidence in looking for new maximum rates during hard workouts or races.

It’s a pity that the HRM is not compatible with modern running clothes, but it appears to be a common problem on many HRMs.

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