Shin Splints

Posted: February 25, 2013 in Running
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Recently I became the latest in a long line of runners to experience shin splints. There is a lot of material on-line about them, their causes and cures.

I have my first 10k race soon and I really could do without an injury.  I have followed a plan with a gradual build in mileage since my 5k races at the back-end of last year.

I have achieved well against the plan which stresses running for time periods at a particular level of effort and not mileage.  However,  the miles have racked up with my last long run being 16k and a latest weekly total of 28k.

After being told to ice the injury and do some  stretching by my physio, I decided to do a bit of research.  YouTube has a number of people claiming silver bullet cures with strapping,  golf balls and foam rollers. The video below is a bit more low tech and had a positive effect on my shin splint when I tried it.  Only time will tell if it works…

Help for Shin Splints by Caroline Jordan.


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