Born to Run

Posted: May 8, 2013 in Running
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Never would have believed it.  But running makes me feel better.  I can turn off from everything, focus on something or drift away.

I had a hectic day at work, finished around seven in the evening and the last thing I felt motivated to do was go for a run.

I made this remark and a colleague and get said:  “go on,  you know you’ll feel better after.”

So I dragged myself and my kit to the gent’s, got changed and the phone rang.

“Can you pick up x,  y,  and z”  from the shop on the way home.  My mind raced on the way to the car. If I go to this shop, I could run along this trail,  or if I went to that shop,  I could run along the river,  etc, etc.

In the end, I made a quick visit to a store and parked up on the edge of a wooded trail. I planned to run out for about 3k and then return along the same route.

The trail is mostly up hill on the way out and I was breathing hard in places.  At the half way point I accelerated along a flat stretch for about 300m before coming out of the wilderness and abruptly arriving at a busy road. Crossing the road, I took a another trail and started to loop back in an arc before rejoining the return path and again accelerating down hill back to the start.

It was only a quick but “hilly” 6k and I felt great!

  1. I never regret a run. No matter how much I didn’t want to do it. Never.

    • Hi, Thanks for taking the time to read my post. I always hated running – but have now found an activity that has (without the drama) changed my life!
      Thanks again, and good luck with your marathon.

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