Swimming Workouts – Build to 1500 Meters or Yards

Posted: May 18, 2013 in Swimming
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My children have just joined their friends in attending swimming lessons on Saturday mornings. While this has prevented my attendance at Park Runs, I have started going swimming too. While they have their lesson, I can do a few lengths and afterward they can continue to practise and we can play a few games.

Generally, I do about 500 – 600 meters with a rest between each 50m or 40m set. I use the Garmin 300xt to track these laps. I am not too worried about the time taken to complete the laps, but do whatever I can in 30 minutes.

In my last post, I tracked down a copy of Total Immersion, but found it a bit too complicated. I spent a lot of my workout time trying to get the drills right.. Instead of following that plan, I decided to build my efforts and, like the beginners running series, I found a build up plan on about.com.

I only get chance to swim once a week, so I’ll see how it goes.

Swimming Workouts – Build to 1500 Meters or Yards


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