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Our family holiday is the highlight of the year. We all look forward to it as a relaxing break away where we can spend time together, enjoy the sun, sand and sea. I have always managed to break away for a couple of hours to scuba dive, but since taking up running I also wanted (or needed) to keep this going too. This needed a bit of thought as to how to fit it in, still have a great family holiday, not add loads of weight to our baggage and deal with the hotter climate.


A minimalist approach was needed, so I took:

  • a wicking top
  • baseball cap
  • compression under shorts
  • shorts
  • socks
  • road running trainers

With a bit of persuasion, this all fitted inside an Umbro shoe bag and didn’t take up too much space or weight. I also took the Garmin and heart sensor. I expected to do some pool and open water swimming too. I also took a race belt with a pouch to store my room key and cell phone.


Knowing how hot it can get, I expected to be up early. I managed to start all my runs before 0630 to avoid the heat. This also meant that is didn’t impact our family day and I could have a quick breakfast snack and rehydrate in the restaurant before going back up to the room and having a “proper” breakfast. I bit like the hobbits!

Lessons learnt

Generally things worked out well. I did a mix of short and longer distance runs and was surprised how cold the mornings could be before the sun came up.

  1. Toilet paper in the race belt from now on!
  2. I had to stop to use a toilet on one of the runs. There were none, so I had to improvise! Took some toilet paper in the race belt on subsequent runs.
  3. Because of the heat, chaffing occurred. I don’t usually suffer with this, but even with the compression shorts, it happened. Perhaps some “body glide” would prevent it, or some medicated Talc would be good to help recovery.