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Posted: July 27, 2013 in Aikido, Diary
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Today I passed the 4th kyu test. After a 3 hour morning session we stopped for a half hour lunch break.  The grading began with a single novice grading to 6th kyu,  then several 6th kyu grades taking the 5th kyu test. Two of us took the 4th kyu.  My grading partner went first.  He did a very good job and I tired quickly playing the role of uke. My turn to be tori (or nage in some styles ) appeared to come quickly. There was a brief respite while a few gaps in the mats were kicked closed, then my exam began.

The first techniques were very straightforward suwariwaza nikkyos. Then we moved to tachiwaza and a couple of techniques I was concerned about went smoothly.  My uke was begining to tire as we moved to the last couple of yokomen attacks. I had not practiced these much and had to repeat yokomen uchi shihonage omote a few times until the panel were happy to move on.  My uke was struggling to his feet and only just managed to make the yokomen attack.  This was good as it gave me time to make omote with a preemptive atemi. To avoid an inadvertent contact, I began to ki-ai to alert uke that I was attacking.  This worked well and it was with some relief that we were asked to return to suwariwaza for kokyu-ho.

Another interesting and positive grading experience. Looking forward to 3rd kyu early next year!