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About a week ago I hit a bit of a “wall”.  I got up on Monday morning for my usual pre-work run and felt like I didn’t want to do it.  It wasn’t a mental block,  it was more like my whole body rejected the thought of running.  I did it anyway and struggled through what was usually an easy run.

I felt terrible the rest of the day. Muscles ached,  I couldn’t concentrate and everything seemed like hard work. I had planned a speed work session for Wednesday and could not complete it. Something was wrong.

I think I had been over doing things. Following a half Marathon training programme, taking an Aikido grading,  attending a two-day Aikido course,  more swimming than usual and some extra work related stress had taken its toll.

The half Marathon plan had peaked in terms of mileage at 10 miles. Instead of running this in easy conditions, I decided to run it over a series of hills around an iron age hill fort. This was probably a mistake, although I felt absolutely fine after the run.

On completion of the half Marathon plan,  I was going to start on the next level up. I am toying with the idea of taking part in a local half Marathon in October, having committed to a 10k road race in two weeks time and a 10k adventure race at the end of September.

Instead of launching into a more advanced training programme, I took a week off:

  • increased my food intake – especially carbs
  • did some light exercise (to avoid “exercise withdrawal”): 1 Aikido weapons session, easy swim with the kids, 1 core training session.

I found doing some light exercise is good as it keeps your focus and allows you to move forward in terms of skills and drills rather that excessive heavy, endurance or speed sessions that caused the over training in the first place. Several resources on the net advocated complete rest.

I started running again today with the same 5k I struggled with a week ago. Happy to report that it went well. Lesson to learn on this is that you need to recognise when your goal changes. I have entered a transition period, moving from getting in shape to increasing fitness and performance.

I think my issue is around not consuming the right food to recover properly.  Generally, I majored on protein and not enough carbs. I was extending my training and staying on a reduced consumption diet. I will do some more research in this area…