Cardiff 10k, City Hall, Cardiff

Posted: September 15, 2013 in Diary, Running
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I signed up for the Cardiff 10k with a few colleagues from work. We were given a special shirt to wear to train in that publicised the race and the charity benefitting – the Kidney Wales Foundation. The shirt was a good quality technical wicking shirt that I used for most of my training runs, including those in Spain and Somerset.

The week before the race, I was given another shirt to race in. Made of the same material, it was a bit brighter than the practise shirt. It will definitely come in useful during dark winter runs!

I arrived at the “race village” in better time than I did for the St. David’s Day Run back in March. I found the bag drop area and met up with my co-workers near the start. I aborted an attempt to visit the toilet due to a ridiculously long queue.

After an attempt to warm us up by a woman who’s PA was in competition with the race compare’s we were soon off. As we were a corporate team we started just behind the elite runners. This meant that although I was overtaken during the race, there were less issues with choke points like the St. Davids Day Run.

My race goal was just to beat my last 10k time. The strategy was to run at a steady 5 minute per KM pace and increase my speed on the last two. I set up the Garmin’s virtual partner to the 5min/km pace. The strategy lasted as long as it took to cross the start line!

Being in front added to the pressure to run faster and the first KM split was around 4:15. To my surprise, I maintained a sub 5min/KM pace for the duration of the race not only beating my last 10k time, but also my previous 5k time!

After the race, I collected a bottle of water and race medal. I visited the toilet, collected my bag and had a recovery shake before attending the corporate reception for brunch.

The official results were published later that afternoon, really pleased with them and I hope to keep on improving!


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