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Ugali & Sukuma Wiki

Ugali & Sukuma Wiki (Photo credit: ‘Bacardi’)

I don’t usually read this type of book,  but picked it up in a varying book store for £2.99. It’s a sort of autobiography of the, athletics journalist, Adharanand Finn. He decides to move his family to Kenya to learn the secrets of Kenyan running.  The narrative focuses mainly on his various running exploits in training for the Lewa Marathon. It’s quite a good read and has some insights into the portrayal of Kenyan athletics in the world press and the craze for barefoot running.

The author compiles a list of “Kenyan running secrets”. This includes the local staple of ugali. This it basically corn meal boiled until it becomes a solid block of starchy white goo. I had bought some corn meal by mistake last year and it was still in the cupboard so thought I would have a go.

Ugali on it’s own didn’t sound too appetizing so a quick search on the web resulted in a Kenyan curry recipe that sounded just the thing. Sukuma wiki means “Week pusher” in Swahili. It’s a simple stew with lots of vegetables and meat that would go really well with the ugali. It was a wet and miserable day today so just the thing!

The original recipe is posted at the website.

I made a few substitutions but it turned out great! I used turkey instead or beef or chicken. I used a tin of chopped tomatoes and 2 table spoons of curry powder. I didn’t bother with the stock cube and instead of Collard (or spring) Greens I used a mix of spinach and kale.

The recepie is a bit unclear on the water required for the ugali. I went with 2 mugs of water and a minutes of corn meal and there was enough for about 4 people.

There was plenty of Ugali left over for pudding too! Just add jam…