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Core Stability #5

Posted: September 22, 2012 in Activities, Diary
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Did another week of a single set,  but now able to stay in position for the full time.  I have decided to change my routine a bit and do more reps on less days. For the days in between, I will do some push ups and situps.


Still only doing one set,  but up to 1 minute in all exercises. I definitely feel an improvement and when doing other exercises, especially running – not that I do alot of that!

I have also noticed that it’s easier to maintain an upright sitting posture without slumping.

I’ll give it another week,  then try to up the reps to 2. One piece of advice, you need a non-slip floor to so this.  I find myself using other muscle power to stop from sliding over the floor.

Some progress since the last post.  I have managed to do a single set each day and have seen some improvement.

The front and back exercises are fine.  1 minute each us no problem. My left side plank is doing well. I can now hold this position for a minute with some stress/ strain evident. The right side is causing me some bother, but some improvement there also – up to about 45 seconds, but it’s hard going.

Still working on a single set due to time and the general lack of fitness in this area.  I am aiming to get all exercises up to 1 minutes holds consistantly before moving on to more sets.